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Creative Advertisment
Tuesday, March 17, 2009 - 10:00 AM


Name : Zamir Bin Lokman Hakim
Student ID : CD070202

This video show some of creative advertisement picture that have been taken all around the world. This advertisement is been panted all things around us. For example, the first picture is been panted on the back of a bus. This advertisement is creative because the way they paint and make the picture. We can say that all the picture in the advertisement are 3D. This is because there are all looks just like the real one. For example the first picture is about smoking where they paint a face of a man with his mouth is at the exzos of the bus. So when the smoke came out from the exzos of the bus, it will look like that the smoke just came out from the mouth of the person!!! With this types of advertisement, it also can attract people to look and try to understand the motive of the advertisement. We also can say that all the picture from this video clip is really like came to life. That way in my opinion this types of advertisement is really interesting and creative!!!!